Bride and groom exit from above at the Millstone at Adam's Pond

Chelsea & Jared were married at the Millstone at Adam’s Pond.  I asked Chelsea to relive a few of her favorite moments from her wedding.

I know every bride should say this but I just loved every part of my wedding.  There is not a single thing I would have changed!  If I have to narrow it down I would say the little details in my decor such as my photo partition of Jared and I through the years and the wedding party easels were also great and then my reception over all was amazing. I had a great time with that between the TV set up for the Carolina football game inside and the dancing outside.  I also think one of my favorite things was the book filled with letters from all of my bridesmaids and my mom and dad that they had written to me that my MOH Rachel had put together. It takes a lot to make me cry and that really hit me right in the feelings.

What a great idea from her bridesmaids to give her a keepsake of their best wishes that she can keep forever!  I asked her what her advice would be for new brides would be…

I think I have two things I would tell all new brides. The first being don’t stress the little things.  And I know this is WAY easier said than done but stressing about the day really gets you nowhere and no matter what every little issue will find a way of working itself out.  I know for instance, I had written my vows probably four months before my wedding on my iPhone and went to retrieve them that morning to hand write them just to realize I accidentally deleted them the night before. I ended up crying to my dad for a good 30 minutes straight (again, I am not a big cryer) then calling/emailing with YAHOO (who even knew this was possible) all morning just to decided to rewrite my vows because I couldn’t remember the originals (which I hated but it was the best I could do under pressure). Then about 30-45 minutes before the wedding started I received an email saying yahoo had retrieved my vows!!!!  It was amazing!

Chelsea mentioned that the first look with her Dad was a very meaningful moment for the wedding day.

Another bit of advice I can give is that if your husband doesn’t want to do a “first look” with you, do it with your dad.  I really wanted to do something special for my dad.  I am his only child/daughter and we are super close so this really meant a lot to the both of us! If you are close with your dad I highly suggest this!  Plus it makes for really great pictures!

One of the great things about Adam’s Pond is the balcony and a favorite photos of mine was of Chelsea & Jared exiting between the sparklers from the balcony above!  Congratulations Chelsea & Jared!

Other Vendors-

Hair- The Velvet Edge Salon

Wedding Dress- JoLins Bridal

Tux- Craig Reagin Clothier 

Flowers- American Floral 

Entertainment/DJ- Michael Joye with Partytime DJs

CatererSouthern Way