American Floral Hanging Arrangement

Today’s blog featuring Scott Jones of American Floral is part of a series highlighting our most talented wedding vendor partners in the Columbia area!

About American Floral

Scott Jones has been in the wedding business in Columbia for over 20 years and I guaranteed if there’s a wedding venue in the area, American Floral has decorated it!  He has an amazing inspiration board on his website, which is a great resource for brides as they are planning their wedding and making decisions about what would look best in their venue.

What I really love about Scott is that he’s one of those amazing people who is not only talented in his business of creating stunning and creative flower arrangements, bouquets, boutineers and more, but he’s also an expert in providing top notch customer service!  Time and time again, I’ve seen Scott and his team go the extra mile to make a bride in awe of the beautiful floral details at her wedding!  They are super professional and can always be counted on to have flowers ready to go on time, which means a lot on a busy wedding day.  I wanted to share some of Scott’s expertise with my clients as well so here’s an interview with Columbia’s resident floral guru, himself!

What do you like best about making floral arrangements for weddings? 

I love the challenge of taking someone’s vision and WOWING them when it’s finished….the look on their face when it all comes together….when it’s better than they EVER imagined !! 

What was one of your favorite recent projects?

That’s a tough one, because they are ALL special. After almost 25 years of “playing with flowers” and a little over 3000 weddings…the focus is STILL to get it YOUR way. “It ain’t MY wedding…it’s yours” …Your style and your vision. Big budget or small, it’s still someone’s wedding…they all deserve the same attention to detail and accuracy. We do a lot of Charity events too….that’s also fun to help a worthy cause raise money that benefits the community…Makes Columbia a better place to live !!

What sets you apart from your competitors in the area?  

What I constantly hear from Brides After their wedding is Y’all were SO helpful and flexible!! LISTENING to someone…digging into their heads, asking the questions that help me “see” exactly what they want and produce that vision …and beyond what they expected !!

What do you consider your personal specialty?

Delivering more than what someone ever believed possible and caring what we do…it’s not “just another wedding”…it’s YOUR wedding, let’s make it PERFECT !!!

What makes your services a good value?

I live by a proverb ” The bitterness of poor quality is forgotten long after the sweetness of a good price is forgotten.” In essence, you get what you pay for…. we deliver more product, with a higher degree of service, responsiveness, detail and “WOW !!” …that’s what we do, EVERY time !!

How do you feel about pinterest for building wedding ideas?

LOVE Pintrest !! It helps people create their vision and gives ideas….it helps people do “Homework” before they come in…LOVE that. Two pieces of advise about Pintrest though. 1) Everyone else has seen it too…what is Pintresty today, can be overdone and you may look back in 20 years and say “What the H_ _ _ was I thinking ??!!” Use it to get ideas, but make it your own. 2) Pinterest is like a Groom…Once you find what you want, STOP LOOKING…cause you can find another !!!

What should a bride do to help you with floral planning?  Bring sample images?  Know her color scheme, etc?

ALL of that. Boards, cut out pages, color swatches, Google, Our Facebook pages have EVERY facility in Columbia and 9 Albums of just bouquets we’ve done !!, pictures of your dresses, linen colors, venue/Church pictures, pictures of what you HATE…anything that helps us get into your head and “see” what you want (and Don’t want).

Anything else you can think of that a new bride should know?

Yes, YOU don’t have to know flowers….the seasons/availability/colors/price/matchability….that’s my job. If you pick something crazy expensive or out of season…or if it doesn’t match…we’ll tell you and talk about options. You just have to know what you like !! Don’t sweat it…some people are freaked because they don’t know jack about flowers, all good…we got this !!!

See more Palmetto Duo photos of American Floral’s work below.

What to see more of America Floral?

I personally love these answers above because they are so true about Scott and his team!  They really can take your ideas and make it into more than you ever dreamed of!  If you’d like to learn more about American Floral, check out their website at or their facebook page or stop by their store at 7565 St Andrews Rd!