I was so excited to be part of this amazing couple’s journey to parenthood!  I met Rebecca & Erik on our first cruise when the dining room set up me and my husband at a table for 4 with Rebecca & Erik. I’m not sure how they matched us up but I’m so glad they did! Rebecca is a talented photographer so we spent the trip taking portraits of each other in between ports,  trading travel tips over dinner and even sharing a surfing lesson.  I was so honored when 3 years later, Rebecca asked if I could take their maternity photos!

The only tricky part is that they live in Florida and we’re in SC. What better plan than to meet in Savannah and make a vacation of it!  We traveled to Forsyth Park in downtown Savannah during the early morning for some fun photos before the day got too hot.  We had a lot of fun walking around together and even got a few “awwwws” from passersby on their adorableness!

These two are so sweet and you can tell this baby will be showered in love! Congratulations Rebecca & Erik and I’m excited to see your beautiful baby in the next few months!    -Katie

south carolina maternity photos
Forsyth park couple photography
savannah maternity photos

This was one of my favorite photos because the baby gave Erik a kick in response to a kiss on the belly and his reaction was so sweet!

maternity photos at Forsyth park
maternity couple at the park
baby shoes, pinterest baby photos
baby shoes

Erik & Rebecca made a super cute baby announcement video that was even highlights by the Today Show and Cosmo magazine.  Check it out below!