The great thing about technology now is I’ve had so many couples lately who met, lost touch with each other or just went different directions and somehow were brought back together through social media or online dating when the timing was right!  Kimberly and Andy had a similar story in that they met at Wild Wings in 2011 through mutual friends and connected on facebook but it wasn’t until 4 years later when Andy saw a familiar face on and sent Kimberly a message and they went on their first official date in Sept 2015, again at Wild Wings!  

The couple enjoys hiking and DIY projects.  In fact, they just built a mini bunk-bed for their dogs- how cute!  

Andy planned a surprise Christmas day proposal.  As Kimberly describes it,

He proposed Christmas morning. We spent Christmas Eve at my parents’ house. He was up late wrapping my gift in their garage. When I started to open it…it was one of the tricks where he wrapped a smaller box inside a larger box. I think I had to unwrap about 4 gifts before I got to the “prized” package. I had asked for earrings (which I had already received as a gift from two different people), so I automatically assumed that it was another pair of earrings. I was ready to laugh when I opened the box, but I was wrong. I was shocked, and didn’t know how to react. When I looked at him, he asked, “well, will you?” – I said “will I what? you haven’t asked me a question yet.” He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was a surprise to everyone in the room – my parents had already given him their blessing through me, so he didn’t want them to know. He wanted it to be a surprise for everyone. Luckily, my sister-in-law was quick to grab her phone and snap pics of the occasion. She got my surprised look when I opened the box and didn’t know how to react, and she got pictures of him on his knee “popping” the question.

I started the day with Kimberly and her ladies who were getting ready in a lovely suite at the Inn at USC.  

Wedding dress at Inn at USC
We had a surprise “bridesmaid” arrive at the suite and lighten the mood.  Gotta love the cowboy boots with the floral robes.
Bridesmaids relaxing
Bridal Makeup
Wedding hair
Hair dresser
I love the lacy back of Kimberly’s dress.
Lacy back dress
We traveled from the hotel to the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens where the ceremony and reception were held for some more photos.
Bridesmaid in navy gowns
Bride at Riverbanks zoo
Andy was looking pretty dapper in his suit.  I love the photo of him helping his Dad straighten his tie.
Groomsmen at riverbanks zoo
The gardens are an amazing spot for a wedding ceremony in the heart of nature!
Riverbanks zoo wedding details
RIverbanks zoo and gardens wedding ceremony
Reverend Kevin of VOW mentioned the carving above the garden and reminded Kimberly and Andy to “Care for your marriage as if it were a garden.”
Riverbanks wedding ceremony kiss
The colors of the Riverbanks Zoo garden just come alive in the warm glow of the sunset.
Zoo at sunset
Funny faces
Bride and groom portraits at the riverbanks zoo
cake and riverbanks zoo reception
First dances
Riverbanks zoo wedding toasts

Congratulations Kimberly and Andy!

Other Vendors-

Makeup- Mikel Rumsey
Hair- Laurel Galloway of Hairstyles by Laurel
FloristAmerican Floral
Officiant– Kevin Roberts of VOW
CateringRiverbanks Zoo
DJ– Dave of Partytime DJs
CakeParkland Cakes
Photo Booth- MVP Photo Booth


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