The only thing that can take the attention away from a stunning bride in a gorgeous white gown might be an adorable flower girl in an tiny white dress- and in the case of Melissa’s bridal portraits at 701 Whaley, she didn’t mind sharing the spotlight with her beautiful daughter.  I was so excited that both ladies could join us for Melissa’s session because we had so much fun!

Lacy dress detail and wedding hankerchief...

I thought some classic portraits were a great idea because Melissa was wearing her own mother’s wedding gown!  She had modified the sleeves a little but the gown itself stayed very true to her mother’s original wedding day look.  How neat!

You could tell these two have a great Mother-Daughter relationship themselves!  I guess if you count the dress, there’s 3 generations in this photo.

Getting silly!

I ADORE this photo because Melissa’s daughter is wearing her Grandmother’s veil.  How sweet is that?!

Previews from the wedding day are coming soon so stay tune for more of these beautiful ladies to come!

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