A marriage always blends two families by the bonds of love- and the support of both Tatiana and Indrit’s family was so beautifully apparent throughout their wedding day.  This is one of the liveliest and most heartwarming receptions I’ve ever seen. Starting with Indrit’s mom bringing Tatiana into a tight embrace during the mother-son first dances, the inclusion of both families continued throughout the night.  The guests dance together arm in arm to Caribbean music from Tatiana’s Haitian side of the family and stomped along to Indrit’s family’s Albanian songs.  There was so much dancing and hugging and celebration, it truly was a beautiful sight.  

I started the day with Tatiana getting ready at the Columbia NE hotel.

The wedding ceremony was held at Reformation Lutheran Church and Shawn Mohammad,Wendy Lee and their team with Platinum Label Weddings did a great job of keeping everything running smoothly.

After the ceremony, we made a quick stop at the State House for a few more photos with the bridal party.

The reception was held at Spring Valley Country Club, which is actually where Tatiana and Indrit first met and now work together!  Shawn and Wendy’s team did an amazing job of planning and decor. The bride and groom table was just stunning!

Spring Valley Country club wedding

Other Vendors-

Wedding Planner- Shawn Mohammed, Platinum Label Weddings
Make-up Artist- Alyssa Torres
Hair Stylist- Candice Simons
Wedding Dress- The White Magnolia
Ceremony Officiant- Tim Bupp
Florist- Jenn Affairs
Cake/Bakery- Bonnie Brunt
Caterer- Spring Valley Country Club
DJ or Band- Big Time Entertainment
Videography- Palmetto Digital
Jeweler- Kay Jewelers
Palmetto Duo Feature Photographer– Katie Hart