When my sister told me that she met a guy on Bumble and found out that they had both just purchased houses in the same neighborhood and could literally walk over for dinner, I thought to myself, well that would make a cute wedding story. A few years later and I was so excited to hear that my sister, Kerry and her neighbor, Mike, were engaged!

The coronavirus pandemic put a little hitch in their plans so instead of the big mountain wedding they had planned, they had a small “masked up” ceremony on a beautiful overlook off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Equally perfect, but just not the original plan. Here’s a cool infrared photo from their ceremony location!

What we could keep from the original plan was a waterfall photo shoot on the Sunday after the wedding. With public parks closing, we had to search a little to find a waterfall we could visit, but we worked it out. After a few sideways looks at their unusual hiking attire, we had a lovely portrait session at Laurel Creek Falls. Here’s a few of my favorites!

Isn’t this dress amazing?! I love it!

Congratulations Kerry and Mike!