While it’s the quieter part of wedding season, I like to interview a few of my fellow wedding vendors to learn more about what they do and what they have to offer new brides! I’ve known Shawn Mohammed for a few years and I can tell you from experience that he’s a talented wedding planner who really helps the events of the wedding day run smoothly.

Below are some things I was curious about and I thought my brides would want to know as well!

For someone unfamiliar with wedding planners, what generally is your role in a couple’s wedding planning and wedding day?  

My role is to take away the stress and worry, I am your new BFF that holds your hand through out the entire process.  

What do you like best about helping couples with their weddings?

I really like to listen to their vision and make it come to life but most important is seeing their expression when they see it for the first time.

What sets you apart from other planners?

I have a very unique background and really understands every aspect of the bridal industry, I was a NYC stylist for a few luxury retails, planned  special events and makeup artist.

When I was photographing Tatiana and Indrit’s wedding with Shawn, I noticed that he has such a great eye for high end and luxurious details and I understood why once I learned about his connection with quality brands in the past. To quote his about me page on the Something Southern webpage,

Shawn has a unique background that has shaped him into the wedding planner he is today. Born and raised on the island nation of Trinidad, he came to the United States to continue his education. While living in New York City, he worked for major luxury retailers including Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s and Ralph Lauren.

The detail photos from Tatiana and Indrit’s wedding show a little bit of Shawn’s artistry with wedding design!

What makes your services a good value?

My wealth of knowledge and integrity making sure I accomplish your vision and staying within your budget.

What do you consider your personal specialty?

I have amazing negotiation skills and build strong vendor relationships.

What do you consider a successful wedding day?

When the client has a smile from beginning to the end of the night. 

Anything else you can think of that a new bride should know?

I pass on all vendor discounts to my client integrity is something I believe in strongly.

Here’s a few photos of Shawn’s styling from an open house gala at Spring Valley Country Club.

If you want to get in touch with Shawn to learn more about his services, check out his Something Southern website! I’m excited to be working with Shawn and his team on at least two more weddings this year!